“With love and acceptance, Christi helps people to hear their own inner essence – the deepest and most true part of their Being.”  Leslie S.

Christi has been blessed with intuitive vision and an ability to see the innate soul light in each person. Over the years, the gift evolved and became honed and refined by her intention to use it for the highest good of others. She offers this gift to help others move into ever-expanding awareness, trust, and resonance with their genuine soul-essence.

Committed to a strong inner spiritual life, Christi began meditating and studying deep universal truths from a wide range of spiritual traditions and teachers in her teens. Several profound mystical experiences throughout the years opened her mind to deeper understanding of divine truths and her heart to expanded compassion. The commitment to connection with the innate divinity in all forms has continued throughout her life.

Married and the mother of two, she provides down-to-earth common sense to balance the sessions. Her professional background spans academia, scientific research and corporate business. She has also lived through numerous intensely challenging life experiences, as we all have. As a result, she understands what it takes to make one’s way in the world, and feels that pretty much anything can come forward in sessions and be met with open-hearted compassion and the opportunity for fresh perspectives to arise. Her work is permeated with the intention for expanded understanding, compassion and healing for the highest possible good of each person.

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