Soul Mirror Sharing

Space for Dia and Epi

I’d like to share a fairy tale I wrote recently as part of a class on Wonder.  This tale involves an initiation quest undertaken by a young woman who creates a new world... READ MORE

Doorway of Bliss

The ‘I’ leaves.  Exits, so surely, so deftly, no trace remains. Only the One Divine Mother of Grace is sitting here. Then ‘here’ dissolves.  Deftly, sweetly, with only the trace of an escaping... READ MORE

Spiritual Physics Lesson

How to maintain personal integrity in the whole? I’ve been struggling with holding my center and with picking up stray energy from the world.  Recently, during an intuitive session, I asked a simple... READ MORE

Standing Rock Introduction

Dear Friends, I’d love to share a series of experiences and awareness states that are connected to the 2016 Standing Rock event. The powerful Oceti Sakowin camp is closed for now and the... READ MORE

Prayer of Unity

Unity Prayer This is offered as a composite of First Nations Prayer and my own devotional perceptions. Please feel free to change and flow with this – to make it your own. It... READ MORE