Sessions begin by creating sacred space, opening to deep inner connection and acknowledging and invoking divinity in the presence of our highest selves and those who guide us in the light. We bow into the field, willing to deeply hear and resonate with that which arises from the core our own truth, wisdom and knowing. We seek clarity, guidance and healing for our highest good and the highest good of all.  We begin to see the deeper themes of life, and to understand the essence of answers to our questions. Many people tap into their capacity to move beyond blocks, to dissolve confusion and see health unfolding within their own wholeness.

Every Soul Mirror intuitive session is utterly unique – springing from the guidance, inner wisdom, and current life situation of each person. Sometimes people sit for months or years with the information that comes through in a single session. Others return frequently to touch into guidance and to explore inner wisdom. Many people use the sessions as catalysts for personal evolution. Others wish focus on overcoming a specific inner block or working with a confusing or difficult life situation. These are only a few examples of a wide range of unique life issues that can be addressed in an intuitive session.

Every session is based on what arises for each person in that moment. Intentions for the sessions can include, but are not limited to:
• Expanding clarity
• Supporting personal evolution
• Accessing new perspectives
• Providing support during life transitions
• Gaining greater understanding of life purpose
• Accessing clear guidance
• Finding empowerment in the midst of challenges
• Addressing health concerns
• Supporting end of life transition
• Providing a deep sense of soul recognition
• Expanding essence-self awareness

There are many gifted psychics and mediums working with life issues in an entirely different way than these sessions.  Soul Mirror work is specifically focused on assisting with personal and group growth and evolution.  While information about the future, relationships or health conditions etc may appear in the course of the work, these sessions are offered to assist us as we move along the path toward soul infusion, expanding awareness and unfolding enlightenment.

Soul Mirror sessions are not a good source of information if you are simply curious about issues of the personality or if you want someone outside of yourself to provide solutions without your own effort toward personal growth.  While healing vibrations can come through during a session, these outpourings are gifts from grace, and are only a single facet in the way you live your life and the work you are doing with other healers in traditional and alternative medicine.

Each session is entirely confidential.  Most sessions are conducted on the phone, and links to recordings are made available to the client.

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