africanflowerOn Insight and Clarity:

“Christi has offered not only her knowledge through divine connection, but she has offered her spirit and her heart during our sessions. I have been connecting with Christi for nearly 5 years now; gaining insight and clarity at some difficult junctures in my life. As our world evolves towards greater consciousness, I have experienced growing pains, if you will. Christi has helped my spiritual, physical, and emotional bodies to properly adjust to these higher vibrations.

I am forever grateful for her and for her profound dedication to humanity and to spiritual growth. Her strength and wisdom as a healer and a mother continue to offer me guidance and inspiration. Christi is a deeply intuitive soul who embraces her ability to work directly with the core of who we are. Thank you!!”

–Autumn W.

top1On Deep Inner Transformation:
“I have journeyed with Christi since the early 90’s. How blessed I have been to be welcomed into her loving heart and her expansive mind. Over the years her spirituality deepened as did her gift for opening to Spirit and to the Angelic realms. In my sessions with Christi, Guidance flowed from sources that touched me profoundly and deeply enriched my life.

Over the years, and as a result of our friendship, my sense of who I really am also deepened. These days, I am learning to directly connect with my own higher self, with those beings in spirit that are always with me loving, supporting, and guiding me on a daily basis. There are times when I easily shift into higher consciousness, feel more expansive and often drop into a deep peace.
I believe now that there are no mistakes; that our pain and suffering are simply opportunities for us to grow in wisdom and compassion for ourselves and others.

There’s a quote that comes to mind that I read years ago, “Love allows all things, trusts all things, embraces all things and therefore transforms all things.” I believed it when I first read it and now its message fills my heart and mind and soul. Namaste.”
–Claudette P.

canoe1On the Soul’s Journey:

“Every facet of your “soul’s journey” is illuminated with Christi brilliantly guiding you.  The depth of what Christi brings to her readings is impeccable, as she is incredibly concise and offers much clarity. The truths that come through cannot help but compel an individual to step back and ponder the “paths” you are choosing. 

Vickie W.




buddhaOn Supporting Life Transition

“Just more than a year ago my beloved father “crossed over.” I don’t know if front porch rockers, fishing and watching football are part of “the other side,” but because of Christi Bernat’s loving, skillful communion with me and my dad, before, during and after his transition, I KNOW that my dad is at peace, moreover, that he is present, flourishing and joyful. These things are, obviously, hard to put into words, but Christi has the gift of Presence, both “here and there.” She was able to commune with my dad’s inner being as he struggled with letting go of “here” because he didn’t want to leave us, nor did he want us to suffer. As Christi shuttled “between” to reassure him in tangible ways of our peace and the absolute permission, the blessing he had from us to let go, he did: let go. This is NEVER easy for generals, patriots, husbands, daddies, grandparents, and protective, good neighbors to do. But he did let go into the loving arms of God last April, and because Christi had gone “between” expressing the inexpressible, I have been able to let go and let go and let go… I will always adore and miss my beloved daddy, but both my inner child and adult selves know that: He is. He is happy. We will see him again. I don’t have adequate words of description or gratitude for Christi’s loving presence through and after my dad’s transition. In some ways it is inexpressible, but quite real. Thank you, God. Thank you, Pop. Thank you , Christi. The circle is unbroken!”

–Leanne S.