I am now offering energy healing sessions with a powerful and highly evolved new modality called Resonance Alchemy (RA). I’ve been studying, personally using, and providing RA sessions locally for many years and feel ready to offer it to website clients as well. It is as fully potent as a distance treatment as when done in person.

Resonance Alchemy is an incredibly elevated and effective form of healing that also serves as a catalyst of personal evolution. A robust tool on the spiritual path, I find it is deeply resonant with all that I offer for Soul Integration and increasing Awareness of the Essence-Self . In my first personal session receiving RA, I felt incredibly clear and elevated energetically, experienced an amazing field of beautiful light beings present to support the session, and my physical eyesight improved so much I had to throw my eyeglasses away.

Resonance Alchemy sessions are potently aligned with the work I have been offering for years, and easily intertwine with the intuitive sessions. Together they form a potent field to reveal and release blocks and obscurations, heal and energize the body, and to illumine and expand unhindered embodiment of our Essence Selves.

Resonance Alchemy brings our energy and form bodies into integration and alignment allowing us to be increasingly conscious, aware, and awake in each moment. It works vibrationally with a wide array of energy systems and channels in the body as well as incorporating the full range of our consciousness, from the deep unconscious – through embodiment as a ‘self’ – to our super-conscious connections with spirit. RA is incredibly inclusive of our entire embodied experience. It clears, elevates and integrates all our fields from the physical, vital, and etheric to the mental, emotional and luminous fields; as well as extending to highly refined fields that connect us with spirit including our unitive, morphogenic and causal bodies.

RA is in many ways a hybrid approach to healing – a highly evolved way to work with the principle that everything is vibrational in nature and that by asserting the pure truth of our Being, all discord is released. It bridges scientific and spiritual approaches by working at the unity or quantum level of our existence. I often find that with Resonance Alchemy negative belief systems or archaic patterns are simply, softly and finally released, to gently allow healing to unfold as the simple beauty of our True Nature is revealed.

With RA you can potentially release:

Obstructions to consciousness and health


Negative perceptions

Root causes of old blocks

Foreign energies

Obstructions to vibrational flow


Detrimental cords

Limiting effects from past lives

And more …


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Please contact me to learn more about Resonance Alchemy sessions at christibernat@gmail.com or 303-579-7723. In case you are interested, I have been studying and using RA since 2013 and hold the highest certification as a Level 3 Resonance Alchemy practitioner.

Website: You can also contact the founder and illumined soul bringing this new modality into form, Katherine Parker, and learn more about RA and her Resonance Alchemy Institute at www.resonancealchemy.com .

Book: Katherine Parker is also the author of an inspiring book that I highly recommend, Resonance Alchemy, Awakening the Tree of Life.