Standing Rock Introduction

Dear Friends,

I’d love to share a series of experiences and awareness states that are connected to the 2016 Standing Rock event. The powerful Oceti Sakowin camp is closed for now and the Dakota Access Pipeline is flowing with oil through the sacred lands and under the great Missouri River. That much is true, so it would appear that the effort was unsuccessful. In spiritual terms, in the world of the flow of potent truth and the expansion of the deep ocean of human kindness, nothing could be farther from the truth.

The spiritual intentions – powerful connections between the people of all colors and nations, the resurgence of caring and kindness as the core purpose of humanity, and the reminder that we are the sacred children of the planet herself – live on and expand. In fact, to the eye of a mystic, the constant outpouring of these gifts – from the Elders and from our own hearts – hold the potential to turn the tide of constricted, selfish consciousness that seems to have gripped parts of the world.

These writings reflect on ‘personal’ experiences that actually began about 30 years ago, led me to participate in the prayer camp at Standing Rock, and are continuing to enlighten ‘me’ every day. I am in deep gratitude, because these gifts are for all of us, for each of us. May they fill you.

Blessings, Christi

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2 Responses

  1. Monique Appels

    Hello Christi, looking for a picture for my event ‘meditations on Abwoon’, I came to see your informations. Beautiful of love. Thank you! I am using your picture your picture of the stone mandala. Please let me know when I have to take it away and use something else. Blessings, Monique.

  2. Roberta NOWLIN

    January 2021. Fast forward three years. Joe Biden has just been elected and intalled into the highest office of our nation, our new President. On his first day in the White House, he stopped all work on the Kaystone XL Pipeline. A hisotoric victory for the earth, for the Light. We and the earth are taking a first full, long awaited deep breath.

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