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Powerful, gentle, and potent tidbits for elevation and clearing the mind…

Following are a few of the many awareness-provoking thoughts I keep on sticky notes all around me. Some come from books or conversations, others from direct perception. This is treasured wisdom, shared to help each other see and remember who we are.

We are That Now:
All we have to do to know enlightenment is pause in the natural state, just as it is now.
Anam Thubten (AT)

We are Soul’s self-made Reflection.

The true path is not about becoming. It is about NOT becoming. When we release the futile effort to be or become somebody, freedom and enlightenment take care of themselves. We see that we are inherently divine already and we are enchanted to see how effortlessly liberation unfolds.

Simply Accept the Beauty of your Presence

Don’t make a dogma. Don’t believe anything. Go inside and Feel Truth.

On Surrender:
Be more. Say less.

We bow so that our masks fall off.

Simply surrender all your resistance.

Somehow the Truth of Truth and the Truth of Love have to penetrate deeper than unresolved tales of Lack and Fear.

Stay soft and impressionable. This leads to fuller factors being embodied.

Cultivate the willingness to be both seen and unseen.

On Thought:
The Samsaric (unenlightened) Mind is made of Velcro. It sticks to everything.

Unenlightened consciousness does not perpetuate itself. The moment we stop perpetuating it, it dies.

Noetic Union with the Divine = Seeing, not t\Thinking. Intuitive knowledge becomes the basis of the intellect.

Thinking itself is not a problem. Thinking is simply mind movement, the play of the mind. The problem is unrecognized movement.

Look directly into consciousness and ask, Who is fighting against ego?

Don’t seek the truth … only cease to cherish opinions.
Zen saying

Identify with stable awareness, not our conditions.

On Being Aware in the Moment:
Trust the Experience… Trust the Feelings… Question the Interpretation

Our True Self lives in the eternal, rolling now.

When stuck, switch perspective

Hang with it. You are probably ok-er than you think.

Forgiveness is not an occasional act. It is a permanent attitude.
Martin Luther King

Let everything happen to you. Beauty and terror. No feeling is final.
R. M. Rilke

We are as new in each moment as we trust ourselves to be.
Donna Mitchell Moniak (DMM)

Get Altitude: Shift polarization off of the emotional plane and onto the mental plane, producing alignment and stabilization.

No plan can survive contact.

On Being Present:
Meet each moment both Open and Daring.

Often all it takes to get into the now is a Gentle Nudge.

Don’t live a parody of life.

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  1. claudette p

    My whole being is is softening, opening and at the same time feeling more ready than ever to step out of my comfort zone of mostly being unseen to stepping out on the stage where I can touch and be touched for the good of us all. Thank you Christi, you have always been and continue to be such a sweet, sweet presence in my life. I love all those one liners that you have saved over time. I’m going to dig mine out and put them in some kind of order. I know that my life has been so blessed by those few words, one short sentence that comes at just the right time. Just thought how those words magically connect us with the soul who took the time to write or record them. May your website touch and bless many, many souls in that way. And may it be so.

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