The Seven Values of Lakota Life

The Elders offering their wisdom in the sacred Oceti Sakowin camp asked that all people supporting the Standing Rock actions, living in the camps and choosing to carry forward the sacred message of honoring and protecting Mother Earth learn and abide by The Seven Values of Lakota Life. I find these to be universal in their underlying truth, deeply coherent with living in deep awareness. These are the values as offered in the Lakota Dialect. Translations into English vary slightly.



Praying. Finding Spirituality by communicating with your higher power. This communication is between you and Tunkasila/The Divine without going through another person or spirit.


Wa o’ hola

Respect: For self, higher power, family, community and all life.


Wa on’sila

Caring and Compassion: love, caring and concern for one another in a good way, especially for the family, the old ones, the young ones, the orphans, the one in mourning, the sick ones, and the ones working for the people.



Honesty and Truth: with yourself, higher power and others with sincerity.



Generosity and Caring: helping without expecting anything in return, giving from the heart.



Humility: we have a spirit, we are not better or less than others



Wisdom: practice with knowledge becomes wisdom.

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