This Being Human

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waveIt is confusing to be human. It would be simple if we could only remember that we are divine, eternal Beings, living extensions of creative consciousness itself. But being human is far more complex than that, because each of us is also taking part in an on-going, universe-wide experience, of consciousness in form. To become part of that creative unfolding, we chose to become embodied. And the human experience went from simple – to highly complex.

Our consciousness resides within a complex, inter-connected and highly refined set of ‘vehicles’ that express at different frequencies of stepped-down light. These bodies – the energetic/etheric, the mental, the emotional and the physical, all beautiful gifts of Consciousness – are designed specifically to give us access to a wealth of experiences. We have an energy body that keeps us connected to universal light and love. We have several levels of mind that allow us to channel our greater consciousness in adaptive and expressive ways. We have access to a full symphony of emotional expression that allows us to respond to the world and co-create our reality. All this incredible complexity is then housed and coordinated within an intricate, moving, breathing body. Together, these forms gift us with the experience of each miraculous moment of life.

And, as if that is not enough to handle, we have free will to express any way we wish in this incredibly complex state of Being. And, we must figure it all out without an operator’s manual!

As expressions of Soul, we sit as both front row spectators and as integral participants in the great universal outpouring of Creation. We are still points of Universal Being within the great, ever-evolving whole. As such we are living within an apparent dilemma: our unchangeable essence-self is here experiencing the evolution of consciousness – stillness within constant expansion and change. No wonder we scratch our heads and wonder what is going on.

Being divine Soul in form is indeed a lot to experience. But then, we forget. We utterly forget who we are. And we don’t do it alone. We do it in mass. Humanity itself forgets its own eternal divine nature and accepts small, ephemeral roles of existence as isolated beings in separate bodies in specific lives with distinct faces and personalities and wildly different ways of expression. Rather than realizing we are existence itself, we begin to compete with each other for the right to exist – for money and space and importance and ranking and power and light itself.

Now, in the ultimate oxymoron, existence is fighting itself for existence. It is fascinating, really, that this phase of denial of our core Truth is actually an important part of the dance of evolution. I guess we need to forget just to get some basic lessons under the belt – or perhaps to be able to have the mere experience of being alone and separate. Somehow amnesia is an important phase of the grand story, so beating ourselves up about it is a complete waste of time and energy. But we don’t have to keep living that way. We have choice.

Thankfully, the great wheel of experience and expression is turning and the Human Soul has the option to move out of this long period of coma. It is not that everyone is awake, or even ready to respond to the opportunity to wake up. However, as a group we are well past that point where the hundredth monkey sees truth and the new knowledge moves into group and global consciousness. We can see the shifts all around us, and we can feel the core questions and the soul memories arising. We feel major soul awareness arise in the midst of a busy day or a quiet night or a time of chaos.

There are as many different and diverse ways of awakening to our true nature as there are people on the earth, or perhaps more accurately as many ways as there are stars in the heavens. Everyone and everything is having an experience of existence that is as unique as a fingerprint. Yet there are core truths that we can awaken in ourselves and see in others. One of these is that when someone recognizes you, when they somehow mirror back to you the true nature of your Soul, it can be a breathtaking moment of a profound shift in perception – even leading to illumination and enlightenment. A tiny nudge of Soul recognition may change our lives and the lives of everyone around us utterly and completely.

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